2015 Tour of the Americas Schedule

His Holiness’s 2015 Tour of the Americas (2015 Tour de las Américas) will cover a period of almost four months starting in late April. His Holiness will be visiting four countries in the Americas – the United States, Peru, Guatemala and Mexico. Highlights of this four-month long Dharma tour includes a four-day Amitabha Million Mantras for World Peace retreat in Virginia, celebration of the Second Drikung Kagyu Monlam in California, conferment of the entire cycle of the Jewel Garland of Fifty Deities in West Virginia, a 3-day Wisdom Elders Gathering involving Native American Elders in Vermont, a ten-day Pilgrimage in the Andes in Peru with participants from around the world, Kalachakra Empowerments in Florida and Lima, a Phowa Retreat in Guatemala, Cakrasamvara & Vajrayogini Empowerments in Mexico and a Yangzab (Drikung tradition terma) program in Vermont.


Full Schedule

April 30 – May 3 Northern Virginia, Virginia
Amitabha Million Mantras for World Peace
Organized by Drikung Dharma Surya


May 5 – 6 Washington DC
“Go Green, Go Organic” Programs
In partnership with The Mountain Institute


May 9 – 10 Asheville, North Carolina
Drikung Great Mind-Transmission & Vajravārāhī Empowerment
Organized by Urban Dharma North Carolina


May 11 – 12 Miami, Florida
“Light of Wisdom Concert” & Vesak Celebration
Organized by ChakraSamvara Center


May 15 – 25 Peru
Pilgrimage in the Andes 2015 with His Holiness
Organized by Cusco Drikung Center & Peru Drikung centers

May 16 & 17  The Great Empowerment of Kalachakra (Lima)
May 23 & 24 – Milarepa Empowerment & Retreat (Cusco)


May 28 – 31 Guatemala
Organized by Casa Tibet Guatemala

May 28 Public Talk (Guatemala City)
May 29 – 31 Phowa Retreat


June 3 – 7 Mexico
Organized by Centro Tibetano Kagyu de México & Casa Tibet Mexico

June 3 & 4 Milarepa Empowerment & Teachings (Casa Tibet Mexico)
June 5 – 7 Vajrayogini, Cakrasamvara & Padmasambhava Empowerments (Centro Tibetano Kagyu de México)


June 10 – 14 Los Angeles, California
Cakrasamvara Empowerment & Retreat and Second Drikung Monlam
Organized by Rinchen Choling

June 10 Cakrasamvara Empowerment
June 11 Second Drikung Kagyu Monlam
June 12 – 14 Cakrasamvara Retreat


July 4 – 5 Chicago, Illinois
Longlife Empowerment & Hevajra Empowerment
Organized by Chicago Ratnashri Sangha


July 6 – 7 Frederick, Maryland
Interfaith Forum on Spirituality & Environmentalism
Organized by Tibetan Meditation Center


July 10 – 20 Moorefield, West Virginia
Complete Empowerments of Jewel Garland of Fifty Deities
Organized by Drikung Kagyu Foundation, USA


July 23 – 27 Burlington, Vermont
Heart of Compassion with His Holiness & Yangzab Empowerment
Organized by Vajra Dakini Nunnery & Drikung Dzogchen Center Vermont

July 23 Ekajati & Achi Empowerments (Vajra Dakini)
July 24 Interfaith Discussion on Compassion (Vajra Dakini)
July 25 Nature of Reality Public Dialogue (Vajra Dakini)
July 26 Nairatmya Empowerment (Vajra Dakini)
July 27 Yangzab Three-Roots Torma Empowerment (Drikung Dzogchen Center Vermont)


July 29 Rochester, New York
1000-Armed Avalokitesvara Empowerment & Talk on “The Bodhisattva Path” with Q&A
Organized by White Lotus Buddhist Center


August 1 – 2 Tampa, Florida
Kalachakra Empowerment & Teachings
Organized by Drong Ngur Jangchubling Center


August 6 – 9 Escondido, California
Empowerments & Oral-Transmissions
Organized by Drikung Kyobpa Choling


August 15 San Francisco, California
Drikung Phowa Transmission & Longlife Empowerment
Organized by Tibetan Association of Northern California