His Holiness will bestow the complete empowerments of “The Jewel Garland of Fifty Deities”

His Holiness has most kindly agreed to confer the entire cycle of deity-empowerments of “The Jewel Garland of Fifty Deities” traditionally transmitted in the Drikung Kagyu Lineage. This cycle of empowerments were first gathered and transmitted as a set by the Twenty-fourth Throne-holder, Rikzin Chökyi Drakpa (Drikung Dharmakirti), the First Kyabgön Chungtsang (1595-1659).

Venue: Lhundrup Gomkhang, Moorefiled, West Virginia, USA.
Date: July 10 – 20, 2015
Course fees: $50 per day (lunch & tea included)
To register, contact: info@drikungkagyufoundation.org

South Branch Inn, 1500 US Hwy 220 North,Moorefield, WV 26836
304-538-2033 ($83 for a single room, $89 for a double [plus 12% tax], ask for Glenda Parsons)

McMechen Inn, 109 N Main St, Moorefield, WV 26836
703-608-3188 (B&B style, $90 for a single room, ask for Dennis Adams)

Riverside Cabins, 4000 River Rd, Fisher, WV 26818,
304-538-6467 or 304-257-3191 (ask for Steve Schetrom)

1) Closest airport is Dulles International Airport in the Washington DC/Northern Virginia area. We will have two pickups for July 9 and one drop-off on July 21. Let us know if you need a ride from the airport to Moorefield. The ride is about 2 hours.
2) The location of this special program is a private retreat home of students of His Holiness and it is in a gated community (Ashton Woods) in the mountains of West Virginia. We have to therefore limit the number of vehicles entering the community. We will be running shuttles daily from the town of Moorefield to the location.

[Attendance is limited to only 60 participants and participants have to be able to attend all 11 days of the complete cycle in order to attend.]